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The GERGONNE Group aims to be an efficientresponsibleinnovative and sustainable industrial group.



An efficient industrial group

We are first and foremost manufacturers and industrialists. This is what we were born to be. The performance is no longer an option for any industrial company which intends to develop in a globalised economy. This performance is only made possible by the quality and motivation of the teams, as well as through the quality of R&D and production equipment. We invest several million euros each year in our industrial tool.  




The GERGONNE Group committed to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach in 2006. Convinced that sustainability is only possible within the framework of responsible growth, we strive each day to reduce our impact on the environment and to improve the safety conditions for our employees as well as their skills. 

Social responsibility is also a vision of globalisation. We manufacture locally to serve clients locally. We must develop a global presence, but we must think locally. 

The GERGONNE Group is a family group. We are committed to the territories in which we operate. The headquarters of GERGONNE INDUSTRIE has been built since its inception in the Oyonnax Valley in France. The 'Plastic Valley' is an industrial city imbued with the essential values of work, respect and tenacity. The motto of our city has for centuries been "Improbo Fabrum Labore Ascendit" : "She has risen through the persistent hard work of her inhabitants". We share these values and this motto. 




How is survival possible without innovation? We devote much of our time anticipating the demands of our clients so that we may provide them with a better response when they come to us with a problem. We also try to adopt a proactive approach when suggesting new solutions to them, in order to create value in our relationships. 




Our goal is the long term. This is also true with regard to our client relationships. We have been around for 50 years, and we hope to celebrate our centenary in another 50 years !