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Solidarity spirit

In order to support the French Red Cross in their actions to help the Ukrainian people, we did not hesitate to answer their call for donations.  It is with pleasure that we gave them a donation of 10 000€. Thank you to them for their work!

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Installation of a solar farm

We decided to invest in a photovoltaic power plant composed of 756 modules of the latest generation in terms of yield.  In operation since August 2020, this ground-based installation, made by Arkolia Energies, is unique in France.  In line with our eco-responsible policy, we have opted for a self-consumption system that will save 18 tons of CO2 per year (annual production is equivalent to the consumption of 29 households). 

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Gergonne in Romania

GERGONNE INDUSTRIE confirms its position in Eastern Europe in order to meet the needs of this growing market. After GERGONNE SLOVENSKO and GERGONNE POLSKA, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new sales branch in the heart of Romania, in Brasov: GERGONNE INDUSTRY RO S.R.L..

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New coating line

For the sake of performance and customers satisfaction, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE have invested in a fourth adhesive coating line.  After several months of installation, it is during spring 2018 that GERGONNE INDUSTRIE was able to take advantage of the numerous benefits of this new coating line.  This machine has been designed and developed for the manufacture of high coat-weight adhesive tapes (250g/sqm and more) and for foams converters.  This adhesive coating line allows us to offer a coating width of 2.25m! Do not hesitate to contact us for any sales request.

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New plant for Gergonne Maroc

During spring 2017, GERGONNE Maroc have started the construction of a new site, with a surface of more than 5000 sqm. It is therefore in a brand new factory that GERGONNE Maroc have moved to Kenitra, close to all the automotive players in the region.

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New premises for Gergonne Industrie!

For a few months now, we launched a major expansion of our site in France (Oyonnax) in order to reorganize our production workshops, to set up a fourth coating line at the end of 2017. First of all, we reviewed the current organization of the existing buildings. The laboratory surface has been increased by 150 sqm and we added also 95 sqm, dedicated to our testing center. At the same time, we took the opportunity to expand the loading platform area (+ 230 sqm) to facilitate the increasing flows of dispatch and delivery. Shortly afterwards, the second phase of this expansion project has started (August 2016). It concerns additional surface for our production workshops (2500 sqm) and also extra offices (600 sqm). The end of this step is scheduled for July 2017.

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Gergonne Industrie invests!

At today's date, Gergonne Industrie has 3 adhesive coating lines and a fourth machine will be installed by the end of the year. In a context of strong growth, we decided to upgrade our treatment system of the solvent-based rejections in order to reduce even more our VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds) and make some energy savings. Thus we have invested in a new regenerative thermal oxidizer, functioning since early October 2016. Actually, it is the biggest incinerator of this technology installed in France. The performances that we aim for are around 0,25 mg/Nm3, that is to say two times less than the emission limit value imposed by the European Directive. This new investment allows us to ensure our customers the durability of our products and productions for at least the next 15 years. Gergonne Industrie confirms its will to pursuea strong environmental approach; today more than ever, the corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our growth plan.

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Gergonne Chine will move!

GERGONNE continues to invest to strengthen its production capabilities and maintain a global presence. Since October 2016, GERGONNE CHINA has started the construction of a new plant, always located in the European industrial area, WSEIP, in Suzhou. The surface of this new plant will double with 3000sqm, including 300sqm for offices. The move is scheduled by the end of 2017!

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